Restaurant Mirador El Roque Orzola

Restaurant Mirador El Roque in Órzola, Lanzarote

Órzola is one of the most charming fishing villages on the island of Lanzarote and obviously its essence is reflected in the food they serve in this local restaurants.

An exceptional case of this where the sea produce and modern cuisine are combined, is the Restaurant Mirador El Roque, former Casa Arraez, which reopened its doors in June 2018.

Its strategic location on the seafront offers the unique experience where fresh sea products rice dishes, meat, fish and seafood of the highest quality and of Canarian origin can be enjoyed as well as its homemade desserts. For sure something not to be missed on your visit to Orzola.

Dishes such as the sweet tuna or sirloin steak  with mushroom sauce, avocado starter with prawns or the dessert Bienmesabe palmero will definitely thrill you.

The owners Aníbal y Noemí and their team will take a very good care of your all in a very easygoing and relaxed atmosphere. With 15 years of experience in the business they surely know how to ensure maximum satisfaction.

The restaurant is ideal for couples, friends or family to spend a day enjoying Canarian gastronomy and complete the experience by strolling along the pier full of small typical island boats known as “barquillos” or take the ferry to the island known as the eighth island: Isla de La Graciosa.

Its decoration and fishing village atmosphere, its dishes, the views, the quality and the price of its products as well as the attention given in the Restaurant Mirador El Roque, make it the perfect place for your celebrations and events.

Don’t miss this experience and contact Restaurante Mirador El Roque in Órzola to book your table at the seaside.

As Hannibal and Naomi use to say: “You found a magical place where you will stay with a full belly and a happy heart”. This is so true, checked it out yourself 🙂

Fresh, Canarian and high quality food

Monday to Saturday from 12h to 21h
Sundays from 12h to 17h

Calle Peña del Señor Dioniso 8, 35541 Orzola, Lanzarote



 Restaurante Mirador El Roque



Órzola, Lanzarote

Órzola is the northernmost village on the island. Down to the volcanic rocks it is used by locals as a destination during the weekend. The arm of the sea between Lanzarote and La Graciosa, called El Río, is considered to be an area with the highest fish population.

The life and hustle and bustle in the small fishing village of Orzola is characterised by the ferry service to the small neighboring island of La Graciosa. There are 2 ships from different companies departing daily at the small port. Between 8 am and 8 pm you can go back and forth between Orzola and La Graciosa every half hour. Please note summer and wintertime timetables.

Orzola → La Graciosa
MON-SUN: 08.30 h, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.30, 16.00, 17.00, 18.00
La Graciosa → Orzola
MON-SUN: 08.00 h, 08.40, 10.00, 11.00, 12.30, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00
Orzola → La Graciosa
MON-SUN: 08.00 h, 09.00, 10.30, 11.30, 13.00, 16.30, 17.30, 18.30
La Graciosa → Orzola
MON-SUN: 07.00 h, 08.10, 09.30, 10.30, 11.30, 15.30, 16.30, 17.30
Restaurante El Risco in Caleta de Famara

Restaurante El Risco in Famara, Lanzarote

In the “Restaurante El Risco” in Caleta de Famara they have the single objective to satisfy all their customers.

Faithful to their work philosophy and with the fruits of yearly experiences in the gastronomic sector, the management and the chefs of Restaurante El Risco offer a selection of dishes made with the best products and raw materials of the highest quality. What makes the difference to other good restaurants is their commitment and determination.

You can taste, among others, fresh fish and seafood, casseroles, paellas and rice dishes, soups and broths of fish, and of course, typical dishes of the canarian gastronomy like “Sancocho”, cheeses and mojos with different textures. For lovers of meat, there are offers of Iberian meats from stone and other varieties.

A range of famous Lanzarote wines and from the whole Spanish territory accompanies the gastronomic offer of the Restaurante El Risco in Caleta de Famara.

You have to reserve a table for dinner. But you can book an appointment online, if you want.

MON-SAT 12am-10pm

SUN 12am-5pm

Calle Montaña Clara, 30 – 35558, Famara, Teguise, Lanzarote, Islas Canarias – España

 +34 928 52 85 50



Restaurant Mar Azul, El Golfo

Restaurant Mar Azul in El Golfo, Lanzarote

This restaurant is located in the small fishermen’s village El Golfo. The main road of El Golfo leads you down to coastline where you will find Mar Azul. The restaurant Mar Azul is located on the street, but there are also tables facing the sea on the other side of the road. A beautiful sunset is offered to you every evening since the sky is not cloudy. Fish and particularly the “Calamari a la plancha” are recommended. The specialty of the house is Caldoso. Caldoso is a succulent rice dish with seafood such as lobster, crayfish or king prawns.

Before your dinner you could visit the famous lago verde at the entrance to El Golfo and the beautiful coastal area around.

Please do not order a “fish plate”, but rather one fish. Otherwise make clear, in case of doubt with hands and feet, that you first want to look at the fish in the kitchen. Fish plates are served in all restaurants with the fish that is cheaper.

MON-SUN 10am-9:30pm

Avenida Marítima, 42, Yaiza (Lanzarote), España

 +34 928 17 31 32



La Bohemia

Restaurant La Bohemia in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

In the restaurant La Bohemia they are specialized in grilled meats, international dishes and varied suggestions of fruit based on the creativity of their chef’s.

The team of La Bohemia likes to innovate without losing the touch of homemade food and ingredients of the earth. Therefore, they incorporate new plates and dishes into the menu every season. In addition to delicious meats, the menu includes salads, tapas, fish, burgers and pastas. The winery has a selection of wines from different Spanish references of the best national origin denominations. You will find ideal wines to accompany their delicious grilled meats.

You should reserve a table during the typical times of lunch or dinner.

THU-TUE 1pm-11pm

WED closed

Avenida Islas Canarias, 11 – Local 6, 35508 Costa Teguise – Lanzarote, Las Palmas

 +34 928 59 17 72


Daivoon Diving Center

Daivoon Diving Center in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

Daivoon is a family run dive center in Costa Tequise (Lanzarote). Goetz & Michi offer an individual service, safe diving and expert tuition. Anyone who wants to have an unforgetable diving holiday in this spectacular diving area will be very happy with Daivoon‘s dive center.

Here you be guided into a wonderful underwater world which offers lots of great things to see like reefs, caves, canyons, wrecks and much much more.

The centre offers daily excursons to a variety of different sites, offering fun and adventure individually tailored to a divers experience level. Guest safety and respect of marine life are paramount to all at Daivoon. Small friendly groups and off the beaten track dive sites are a trade mark for Daivoon and ensures the guests enjoy their diving in the Atlantic Ocean.

For beginners or those who wish to continue their training, we offer courses from snorkelling and try out diving, to instructor courses. (Organisations: SSI; CMAS; PADI; BSAC)

Restaurant Emmax in Playa Honda

Restaurant Emmax in Playa Honda, Lanzarote

The German restaurant Emmax in Playa Honda is located directly at the sea, at the beach promenade.

Restaurant Emmax in Playa HondaThe two German owners share the management and philosophy of this beautifully decorated restaurant Emmax, which is named after the children of the two operators.

One is passionate about the quality and excellent taste of premium dishes in the kitchen, while his partner takes care of a particularly friendly and professional service behind the bar and at the guests’ tables.

When the two good friends, after being famous and popular in Puerto Calero with their restaurant Emmax, came up with the idea of establishing an exquisite restaurant in Playa Honda a few years ago, people asked them: “What do you want now in Playa Honda? At that time, the area of Playa Honda was only just beginning to develop into a real beach and dinner attraction for locals and tourists.

Not only the former regular guests of Puerto Calero, but also more and more new guests came to appreciate and love the beach promenade of Playa Honda.

The Restaurant Emmax has contributed significantly to the positive development of Playa Honda as a location for beautiful holiday memories.

The Restaurant Emmax in Playa Honda combines German knowledge and experience with international, partly Asian cuisine.

You can expect a daily changing and exquisite menu of the highest quality.

Whether fresh fish from Lanzarote, well-prepared Secreto Ibérico from the Spanish mainland, homemade pasta or salads with particularly interesting herbs, here you will always want to be satisfied again and again to eat.

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon or evening at the Emmax restaurant in Playa Honda, enjoying fresh, homemade cheesecake, a delicious tiramisu of oranges or a chocolate and avocado mousse.

We recommend you to reserve a table, if you want to have a dinner with a group in the evening or if you are looking for a special table during day time.
Tuesday closed.

MON 1pm-11pm

TUE closed

WED-SAT 1pm-11pm

SUN 1pm-9pm

Restaurant Emmax in Playa Honda Avenida Playa Honda, 21, 35509 Playa Honda, Las Palmas

 +34 650 68 56 62

 Restaurant Emmax in Playa Honda

La Santa

La Santa, Lanzarote

LZ 20 takes you to the small seaside village of La Santa, as well as hundreds of sport enthusiasts and athletes – cyclists, who belong to the “Urbanisación La Santa Sport”. Teams of both recreational and professional athletes train here. The club has an incredible amount of sporting equipment and facilities. Whether you want to measure your running time professionally, take a guided mountain bike tour or exercise your hips in Latino Aerobik course, Club La Santa offers it all.

A highlight for water sports fans is the man-made lagoon created by the connection of the island of La Isleta, by two dams to Lanzarote. Hoist your sails and enjoy wind surfing and long-distance swimming in warmer temperatures. The seaside village of La Santa is not yet a main tourism destination. The small port remains unspoilt and full of charm. Tucked away is the excellent restaurant “Amendoa”, open daily from 7pm.

Follow LZ 20 back to Tinajo and take the road to Tenesar – Las Malvas, a dirt track with no signposts, a journey to nowhere. In Tenesar, a village consisting of just 20 houses, time seems to have stood still. Here you can take things a bit slower – no stress, no hassle. The ideal place for a short break or a picnic.

The waves crash against the cliffs of Tenesar throwing spray into the air – a breathtaking spectacle of nature. The resulting salty mist provides a pleasant cooling. On a rough day the waves are enormous. Continuing on – go back to the point at which the road forks and then take the other exit to Playa de las Malvas.

The beaches Playa de las Malvas and Playa de la Madera offer visitors a fascinating backdrop: a rough, wild and rugged coastline, an agitated ocean and  only a few tourists. If you’re looking for palm trees, white sand and restaurants then you can forget it, at this secluded and stunning location. Take good shoes, at Playa de Las Malvas the trail up the cliff is a great walk. From here enjoy the sunset, an unforgettable experience. Tip: Take a thick towel to sit on.

La Santa is an ideal place to train and practice sports. At the “Club La Santa”centre there are various training facilities and exercise classes. In addition, every year the “Quemao Class” is held here. This is one of the toughest surfing competitions in Europe for its complex waves.

Vino y mas, Puerto del Carmen

Vino y mas or just Vino+ in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

Vino y mas (Vino+) is a very creative spanish tapas bar at the end of the Avenida de las Playas in Puerto del Carmen. The tapas bar is family-owned and -managed. You will definitively meet one or more persons of the family when you are there to buy something or to enjoy wine and tapas.

In the shop of Vino+ they offer fabulous wines from Lanzarote, from the spanish mainland and other wine regions of the world. You can, moreover, buy delicious cheese, fresh meat and other gourmet food.

At the tables inside the bar and outside on the big terrace in the nice patio you can enjoy bottles and glasses of famous Lanzarote Malvasia white wines. You will be served with a menu of special spanish tapas that have got different touches of spices driven by the influence of selected worldwide regions. The menu is offered to you in spanish, english and german. According to the permanent dishes you can get some exquisite tapas of day. All dishes are freshly prepared for you. Enjoy on Lanzarote tapas, wine and more.

Sometimes at the weekends your dinner will be accompanied with beautiful acoustic canary live music.

MON-SUN 12pm-1am

Calle Cenobio, 35510 Tías, Spain

 +34 928 51 69 59


El Golfo – Lago Verde

El Golfo – Charco de los Clicos o Charco verde, Lanzarote

Continuing trip from direction Los Hervideros you drive until you come to a fork in the road, right goes to El Golfo, left to the free car park at Playa de Los Clicos. From here one explore the bizarre eroded lava rock formations by foot. Perhaps not quite as special as its reputation, but worth seeing is the green lagoon Charco de los Clicos. The small lake owes its distinctive green color to a type of algae that has settled due to the high salinity of the lake. Sit on the beach at Playa de los Clicos and take a dip into the cool water.

Drive back to the aforementioned fork and take the road to El Golfo. Park just outside the village. To the left of the car park a path leads you to a viewpoint above Charco de Los Clicos. Whether you’re hungry, need a glass of good Canarian white wine, or your children want to let off steam, take a trip to the beautiful fishing village El Golfo.

El Golfo really comes into its own in the evening when the sun goes down, and the last rays glistening on the water. Take a seat in one of the small, cozy oceanfront restaurants and tantalize your taste buds. To ensure a seat, it’s better to visit El Golfo during the week rather than at weekends

The metioned road to the left of the fork is unfortunately closed due to landslides at the sea front.

24/7 but prevent walks to the lake when it’s dark