Caleta de Famara

Caleta de Famara, Lanzarote

Caleta de Famara is the surfing spot on Lanzarote, where you can learn how to surf, or improve your surfing skills. Coming from the direction of Teguise, take the LZ-402 to Famara and you will pass the natural white sand beach and take a look at the surf and the waves at Playa de Famara. Following the course of the road, you drive into the small village and, directly on the left, you will find several surf schools, which are unmistakably decorated with various surfboards and neoprene suits as well as different logos. There are plenty of parking spaces around. Apart from that Caleta de Famara is a small and quiet fishermen’s village with few tourism. But one of the best restaurants on Lanzarote is located there: The “Restaurante El Risco.”

The flow of the ocean is strong in Famara. Be careful when you go into the sea with or without a surfboard and do not go behind the point where the last waves break. Thus, at Famara Beach is always the red flag hoisted up.