Restaurante El Risco in Caleta de Famara

Restaurante El Risco in Famara, Lanzarote

In the “Restaurante El Risco” in Caleta de Famara they have the single objective to satisfy all their customers.

Faithful to their work philosophy and with the fruits of yearly experiences in the gastronomic sector, the management and the chefs of Restaurante El Risco offer a selection of dishes made with the best products and raw materials of the highest quality. What makes the difference to other good restaurants is their commitment and determination.

You can taste, among others, fresh fish and seafood, casseroles, paellas and rice dishes, soups and broths of fish, and of course, typical dishes of the canarian gastronomy like “Sancocho”, cheeses and mojos with different textures. For lovers of meat, there are offers of Iberian meats from stone and other varieties.

A range of famous Lanzarote wines and from the whole Spanish territory accompanies the gastronomic offer of the Restaurante El Risco in Caleta de Famara.

You have to reserve a table for dinner. But you can book an appointment online, if you want.

MON-SAT 12am-10pm

SUN 12am-5pm

Calle Montaña Clara, 30 – 35558, Famara, Teguise, Lanzarote, Islas Canarias – España

 +34 928 52 85 50



La Bohemia

Restaurant La Bohemia in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

In the restaurant La Bohemia they are specialized in grilled meats, international dishes and varied suggestions of fruit based on the creativity of their chef’s.

The team of La Bohemia likes to innovate without losing the touch of homemade food and ingredients of the earth. Therefore, they incorporate new plates and dishes into the menu every season. In addition to delicious meats, the menu includes salads, tapas, fish, burgers and pastas. The winery has a selection of wines from different Spanish references of the best national origin denominations. You will find ideal wines to accompany their delicious grilled meats.

You should reserve a table during the typical times of lunch or dinner.

THU-TUE 1pm-11pm

WED closed

Avenida Islas Canarias, 11 – Local 6, 35508 Costa Teguise – Lanzarote, Las Palmas

 +34 928 59 17 72


La Delicatezza

La Delicatezza Cocktail Bar in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote


If you want to experience a very special, creative and pleasant-tasting cocktail and a spectacular show as well, we recommend you to spend an evening in the Cocktail Bar “La Delicatezza” in Puerto del Carmen. The bar was established by Anthony Serra from Italy in 2013. He and his team have the philosophy to offer an impressive bar experience based on ingredients of high quality, a large variety of long drinks and cocktails and a bartender show surrounded by great music playlists. The Bartender juggles the blenders and bottles around his neck, above his head and through the bar in a professional artistic way. The preparation of a cocktail equals an entertainment show. Even the unique “special cocktails” are very entertaining. The decoration is elaborate and the taste is stunning. Many ingredients and syrups of the cocktails are homemade of fresh fruits and vegetables. But you can also have a lovely prepared virgin cocktail, one without alcohol, a long drink like a Gin Tonic or a beer for sure. Otherwise, you relax in this cocktail bar at the Avenida de Playas in Puerto del Carmen with a nice sea view and a good coffee in the afternoon. They also prepare a shisha for you, if you want. The cocktail bar La Delicatezza is definitively worth visiting.

It is hard to find a parking close to the cocktail bar, but even not very important due to the fact that the cocktails are very delicious.

MON-THU 10am-1am

FRI – SAT 10am-2am

SUN 10am-1am

Address: Avenida de las Playas, Nº 36, Puerto del Carmen, 35510

 +34 637 18 76 64




The Island Bar

The Island Bar in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote


Rory Gallagher is our favourite live music act on Lanzarote. He is a famous irish musician from Donegal who decided to live and to do music on Lanzarote. In his early musical years Rory did music with the band “The Cave” in Ireland before he has arrived to Lanzarote. For many years he did live music in Puerto del Carmen in Charlie’s Bar with the band “Rory and the Island”. He than had a famous song called “Jimmy’s winning matches” and were on tour in Irland again, but decided to return to Lanzarote.

In 2013 Rory Gallagher and his wife Cara established the Island Bar in Puerto del Carmen to offer live music, beer and fun to locals and holiday makers. They do live music six days a week with an great enthusiasm and sense for the audience. Rory is accompanied by his friends and musicians Albert Serrano and Pedro Ruiz.

The Island Bar is located in the Old Town of Puerto del Carmen close to the harbour. The bar is closed on Thursday

FRI-WED 8pm-till late

THU closed

 Calle Tenerife, 35518 Tías, Las Palmas




Restaurant Casa Tere, Playa Honda

Restaurant Casa Tere in Playa Honda, Lanzarote

Restaurant Casa Tere Playa HondaThe Restaurant Casa Tere is one of the oldest in Playa Honda. The traditional spanish cuisine has seen the development of the town Playa Honda from an unappealing living area next to the airport of Lanzarote to an attraction for spanish residents and tourists.

Along the coastal promenade from the airport to Arrecife more and more Restaurants have settled over the last decades. The founders of Casa Tere were one of the first who did so.

Beside the large beaches of Playa Honda restaurants like the traditional Casa Tere have attracted more and more people to walk along the coastal promenade, to bike, to swim, to relax, to have a rest or to enjoy a delicious meal.

The menu of Casa Tere offers you a variety of traditional spanish food. Meat and fresh fish are common here. It does not matter, wheather you want to have a lunch, a snack or a diner. The menu that offers cold and hot, small and large main courses as well as many starters respectively tapas to share will statisfy you. Seafood, ham or queso or the potatoes, which are typical for the Canary Ilands, will taste very well when you are sitting rightly beside the sea. Also the famous white wine from Lanzarote is served at Casa Tere. Certainly, you can finish your meal with a dessert.

Then, you should not miss to try the tasteful barraquito at Restaurant Casa Tere in Playa Honda …

You can park your car not far away in the streets next to the coastal promenade and reach the restaurant after a short walk along at the sea.

TUE-SUN 11am-1am

MON closed

 Avenida Playa Honda, 42, 35509 San Bartolomé, Las Palmas

 +34 928 82 17 06