El Golfo, Lanzarote

El Golfo is situated in southwest of Lanzarote. This small fishing village is known for its tasty fish specialities and the natura attraction “lago verde“. Fish is caught, gutted and cleaned right in front of your eyes, very much to the joy of the sea gulls who happily treat themselves to the leftovers. There is a small footpath at the end of the village, which leads across lava rock all along the cliffs. Sturdy footwear is absolutely necessary here.
However, the absolute highlight is the magnificent sun set. Accompanied by a glass of delicious wine from Lanzarote, it lets you just simply forget everything.

“Los Hervideros”, “Lago Verde” or “La Lagna de los Clicos” in El Golfo are one of the most beautiful places of the island, without any doubt one of the Must See of Lanzarote.