6 Reasons why you need to travel to Lanzarote

6 Reasons why you need to travel to Lanzarote at least once in your life

  1. Vulcanic Landscape attractivity

    Incredible different landscapes are surprising you everywhere on this little canary island. Rent a car to explore every little corner while you are here. You will not believe how many different sceneries to find on Lanzarote. Also, it makes a big difference if you come in summer or in wintertime. Our spring flowers everywhere are just amazing after very few days of rain. So don’t just come for our national parc Timanfaya; there is so much more to discover – but of course the fire mountains are a must do. Preferrably after 15h for better light and less people.

  2. Beach and wave variety on Lanzarote

    Enjoy our great amount of different colored sand beaches… Lanzarote is waiting for you with white and yellow sand beaches where you can chill and enjoy a day of swim and relax. You will be surprised by our black beaches and rough waves on the northwest coast. I have collected 26 different sand colors during my years on the island. Possibly you can even find more hidden gems?

  3. Unique wine cultivation with great wines

    There is nothing better but enjoying our incredible white wines of Malvasia volcánica grape which is unique in Lanzarote. It is a dry, fruity explosion which you will enjoy. Not to forget our great sweet Moscatel wine, drink it very chilly and try it with some Lanzarote matured cheese. You will never forget the taste. A great day out if you combine the great landscape with some wine tasting in our beautiful bodegas … Los Bermejos, Rubicón or El Grifo to just mention some of them here. Our wine cultivation is unique in the world. Try to get up early in the morning to see the sunrise over La Geria.

  4. César Manrique, the most important artist for Lanzarote

    The most famous son of Lanzarote is the artist César Manrique – he brought great ideas for sustainable tourism already in the seventies to the island, after coming back from studying in New York and Madrid. All our buildings are of a maximum height of two floors, some are allowed 4 in the capital Arrecife and in some hotels. You will realize how much tranquility our architecture is contributing to your stay. As a consequence, the island is never crowded.

    He created the most amazing sights which will leave you speechless: Please visit them with a lot of time and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that they all spread out: Jameos del Agua and the Mirador del Río are must-sees. Stroll through the Cactus Garden and find some inspiration in the Foundation in Tahiche. Also, the Monumento del Campesino is worth a visit and don’t forget to enjoy some nice Canarian tapas here. If you are lucky enough to pop in on a Saturday around midday you will be able to listen to a Canarian folk music and dance group.

  5. Honest, surprising local gastronomy

    Last but yet most important, you need to explore our wide range of excellent gastronomy. There are amazing restaurants spread out on the whole island and many of them are falling back on using 0km products from the island for their exquisite cooking. We are continuously trying restaurants and bars all over the island and many of the great established restaurants are getting premiums for their great kitchen and smaller new ones are surprising with their innovative kitchen.

    If you really want to taste Lanzarote, look for somewhere to stay without half or full board included; you would miss one of the best parts of the island if you cannot go out to discover the unique kitchen of this northern canary island. If you are on the island in November, do not miss the great “Saborea Lanzarote” fair taking place in Teguise on the third weekend. It will give you a great overview of gastronomy and of the island.

  6. All year round excellent conditions for sport activities

    Lanzarote offers you 365 days a year excellent conditions for any kind of sport acticity. It does not matter if you are already a pro or if you are just starting. There are many classes on many spots for any kind of sport: you will find the great diving base Daivoon in Costa Teguise, the surf school La Santa Activity and Lanzarote Golf in Puerto del Carmen,they are just some examples of the great variety of activities on the island. Of course Lanzarote is very well know for the outstanding cycling conditions. Our island is well known world wide for the hardest Ironman in the world and new Triathlon events like the OceanLava are getting more and more inscriptions.

Carpet Cleaner Canarias integral cleaning service

Counting on a quality service for the cleaning of floors and elements of the house or accommodation that are not easily washable by oneself is a great satisfaction. And Carpet Cleaner Canarias does it for us

Cleaning services:

  • They offer services such as dry cleaning. Useful and very effective for removing dust mites and dust from mattresses. Ultra-violet disinfection techniques are used in combination with state-of-the-art machines. The results are clearly visible in only 15 – 25 minutes depending on the size of the mattress. And to extend the cleaning and maintenance of the result, there are biological preventive sprays with the smell of lavender or orange that do not allow mites to install easily again in the mattress.
  • The ultraviolet disinfection is an integral cleaning carried out by an industrial machine with a tube and a nozzle that causes small vibrations and waves that make dust, dirt and mites pass to the surface of the mattress and are easily aspirated and eliminated. It is a non-invasive and environmentally friendly type of sanitization.
  • They also clean carpets and upholstery: sofas, chairs. One of the systems is by injection / extraction and encapsulation method with a special foam containing only 6% water.

Carpet cleaning: with pick-up service and/or home service. Specialized in the cleaning of small and large carpets.

  • The cleaning of hard floor is another of their best known work because they are especially indicated for restaurants, houses and lodgings that have floors with blackened joints or floors that are dirty after a work with remains of cement, paint … Emergency kits: available for private and private clients.
  • Emergency set specially designed for taxis, buses, which need to clean small stains in a short period of time. This kit consists of a 600ml bottle with a shampoo that is left to act, crystallised during drying and then vacuumed. The results are stunning.
  • Emergency Cleaning Sets available for sale for individuals and companies, consisting of a mouthpiece adjustable to the tube of the home vacuum cleaner and a small bottle of preventive spray against dust mites and dust.
  • Sale of industrial cleaning machinery for Hotels, Tourist Complexes, Villas
  • Carpet Cleaner Canarias has an extensive catalogue of industrial cleaning machinery for private companies such as hotels, resorts, villas… who do not want to depend on external services for the care and maintenance of their facilities. Carpet Cleaner Canarias apart from selling the machinery, trains their customers to ensure how it is used and maintained.

They are characterized by their high level of quality and availability, moving to any point on the island of Lanzarote. They also have collaborators in Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. Their services are directed to individual clients with specific needs and to private companies such as hotels, tourist complexes, holiday homes that need greater care and prevention in order to maintain their facilities and their components hygienized and prepared to receive their clients.

Carpet Cleaner Canarias, with Kai Lindenberg at its head, is an Official Distributor of Carpet Cleaner in the Canary Islands, which adds quality and confidence to its services.

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Enogastronomic Festival Saborea Lanzarote – Tasting Lanzarote. Fun and Wine Festival.

Since 2010 and organized by Saborea EspañaTasting Spain, the eighth edition of the Enogastronomic Festival Saborea Lanzarote – Tasting Lanzarote, Fun and Wine Festival will be held. This is one of the most important and renowned gastronomic and viticultural events at a national level. Its objective is to promote differentiation, through gastronomy and the pairing of raw materials, of tourist products sponsored under the protection and affection of Turespaña.

The objectives of this club of products are common to all its members: to promote tourist destinations by giving more visibility and importance to their gastronomic and viticultural identity through innovation in the creation of dishes with the raw materials of each place.

How do they do it? Commitment to a sustainable, singular and unique enogastronomy. That contributes and creates a totally innovative experience to the simple visit to a tourist destination or product.
It seeks a sustainable evolution in time of the primary sector by offering opportunities for development, enhancing the generation of new offers to attract a quality tourism that is moved by the interest of knowing and discovering gastronomic experiences linked to taste the products and cuisine characteristic of the territory to visit.

Promotional Video Taste Lanzarote – Tasting Lanzarote.

By: Una Mosca en mi Sopa

Saborea Lanzarote – Tasting Lanzarote (Fun and Wine Festival) works hand in hand with the primary sector of the island so that they, the protagonists, internalize the importance of maintaining the quality and life of local products to create unique experiences in tourism, wine and gastronomy linked to the Island of Volcanoes: Lanzarote.

The Canary Islands are home to 3 Enogastronomic destinations under the umbrella of Saborea España: Saborea Gran Canaria, Saborea Tenerife and ours, Saborea Lanzarote. 

Saborea Lanzarote – Tasting Lanzarote Tour.
In 2017 there were about 60 exhibitors. In this new edition of the VIII Enogastronomic Festival Saborea Lanzarote – Tasting Lanzarote, Fun and Wine Festival 2018 to be held on 24 and 25 November in the Villa de Teguise, it is expected to reach and surpass the number of the last edition.

Within the exhibitors will meet: Farmers, Producers, Wineries, Restaurateurs, Bakeries, Food Shops, Gourmet Shops, Agroindustries, Tour Operators, Hotels and other types of companies related to the sector of Lanzarote.

Teguise, Lanzarote.

The installation of the Enogastronomic Festival Saborea Lanzarote, will have a municipal tent where the stands will be concentrated and the different exhibitors will be offering to try their creations with prices between 1€ and 2€. Access is free and open and the offer is specially designed to attract all types of public. There will also be a specific area where nationally renowned restaurateurs and chefs will meet and where you can enjoy showcooking areas.

It’s certainly an event that whether you’re a professional, a kitchen enthusiast or someone who likes to try new dishes, you shouldn’t miss. Share your experience with the hashtag #SaboreaLanzarote and #FestivalSaboreaLZT.

Will you be telling us about your experience in Saborea Lanzarote 2018?


+ Info: Saborea Lanzarote

+ Info >> Teguise
Golf course Lanzarote Golf Resort, Puerto del Carmen. Lanzarote.

Golf lovers should not miss a round of golf at the Lanzarote Golf Resort in Puerto del Carmen (Tías, Lanzarote). Its strategic location from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the coast and the Atlantic Ocean, the only green on the island and with volcanoes as the backdrop, all of this makes this a very special and unforgettable experience.

This golf course was designed by Ron Kirby, Projects Manager at Jack Nicklaus´s Design Services. The course has been designed to take the advantage of the natural shapes of the terrain and as a result the course is challenging but not unfair for the players.

Ever since the opening a decade ago the Lanzarote Golf Resort year after year the course has been adapting, expanding and modifying to suit the even most demanding players but also the ones new to the sport. Something that really makes it unique. No matter what level you are you can enjoy playing here as the course is ambitious and demanding but also fair.  And, also, the greens here are great if we were to compare them to other courses.

The views and features of the course help and invite you to have a relaxing game. Giving time to think and execute a clean and effective shot. The course does not suffer from being overcrowded and there is nothing around that would spoil the views, so when you step onto the course you will experience a sensation that will force you to take it easy …

The best months to visit the Lanzarote Golf Resort are from June to August because there are fewer people and you can enjoy a more relaxed game. The months of September and October are when the players, usually older, meet at the Golf Course in Puerto del Carmen for a spot of golf, chat and to share their experiences either in the shop or the restaurant both located on site.

But if there is something that the organisers and managers have dedicated time, love and care, it is in the very environment of Lanzarote Golf Resort. They have done so by maintaining a century-old walls that give the final touch to the perfectionist design of the course. Demonstrating a high commitment to the environment taking care of all the details so that the fauna and flora that is there always feels at home.

Location Lanzarote Golf Resort, Puerto del Carmen

On the website you will find an extensive and detailed guide of all the flora that you can find as you making your way around the course and the birds that will fly overhead. Some of them are native and others that are just making a stopover while on route to other places. In fact they have specific areas for bird watching in order to enjoy their passage without hindering it.

There is also a practice area with twenty shooting ranges on synthetic mats, a putting green and an approach green. If needed you can also rent all the golf equipment. So there really is no excuse not to start or at least try it. Without a doubt, visiting Lanzarote Golf Resort will satisfy you in many ways.

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Wellness and Beauty at Lanzalina. Arrecife, Lanzarote.

As soon as you enter through Lanzalina’s door Lina receive the visitor with a big smile in which you could read “from here you’re going to come out handsome, handsome!” And that’s just how it is.
Lanzalina is an Integral Beauty Center located in Arrecife where you can do everything you need to make your body and soul beautiful from head to toe. They have designed it with much care, dedication and effort in a space where your beauty, care and health have their own space. Unique. Even as a woman or as a man, because the spa has two totally individualized areas where you can treat each person as they deserve.

Lanzalina has a unique and exclusive system in Lanzarote: Therapy Cool. It is a treatment of Thermal Contrast Therapy and Cryotherapy (dry balneotherapy) that acts on the beauty and inner balance through the cleaning of our body lowering the temperature and raising it several times in the same session to achieve the regeneration of blood. It is an ideal beauty treatment indicated for the loss of volume and weight (a minimum of 8 sessions are recommended to enjoy and maintain the results). And to maximize the results, you should know that they have a qualified nutritionist  and personal trainer with whom you can tune the body in the small gym and as an emotional coach who can put your thoughts and concerns in order.

Prices Therapy Cool:

  • 8 sessions: 180€.
  • Sessions: 2 times a week
  • It is recommended to combine with a massage

But if there is one thing they are more than orientated and professionalized in the Lanzalina Integral Beauty Centre, it is in facial and body treatments. Personalized and adapted to your needs. We talk about micropigmentation (eyes and lips) and microblanding (design of eyebrows hair by hair), facial cleaning. In the Wellness Spa area you can enjoy  relaxation, therapeutic and sports massages. And you will be able to complete the services enjoying whirlpool bath and Sauna.

Wellness SPA prices:

  • Sauna + Hydromassage Shower + Relaxation Area:
  • 30 minutes: 15€.
  • 1 hour: 20€.
  • Sauna + Bathtub + Massage 90 minutes: 60€ (wash and brush, as a gift!)
  • Every 5 sessions, 1 free.


Prices Personal Trainer:

  • Individual:
    • One Hour: from 10€
    • One month (4 days/week): from €120
    • More than 3 months: from 100€ (one month for free)
  • Groups of 2-4 persons:
    • One hour from 7€/person
    • One month (4 days/week) from 96€/person
    • 3 months from 70€/person

Location Wellness And Beauty At Lanzalina.

And, as if that wasn’t enough and to complete everything you can do, four times a year, Doctor Mario Sirito, a doctor in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine, consults for two or three weeks at the facilities of Lanzalina Integral Beauty Centre in Arrecife to perform aesthetic medical treatments. Among the treatments he performs are: Treatment of wrinkles with botulinum and hyaluronic acid. Eye area: Light eyes ultra and LED light. Bio revitalization with amino acids, vitamins, fragments of the cognitive matrix… Make your appointment as soon as possible.

The facilities are divided into several specialized areas such as a main hairdressing room (we recommend the Brazilian straightening product), pedicure area, manicure area, facial room, hair removal room (with wax or laser), personal training area, men’s spa and women’s spa. Their beauty and health treatments are ideal to enjoy yourself or as a gift to surprise. All the products used in their facials, body treatments, beauty and hairdressing are natural Happiness Cosmetics, arôms NATUR.

Aesthetic prices:

  • Brazilian straightening + shampoo + mask: from 115€.
  • Manicure: from 10€ (normal)
  • Pedicure: from 20€ (normal)

We are already clients. They cover any need that arises you, and if you need an extra privacy or discretion, it will be adjusted with pleasure. Their doors are open to your beauty, enjoy them and spoil yourself.

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5 things you didn’t know about the volcano island: Lanzarote.

5 things you didn’t know about the volcano island: Lanzarote.

Lanzarote is especially known for being a sunny destination with a bunch of beaches. But Lanzarote is more than that. It’s an island that surprises as soon as you arrive.
If you arrive at night, the colored lights will illuminate you. Areas like Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen and Arrecife shine brightly at night. If you arrive during the day, the reddish color of volcanoes and the black of the earth will catch your eye. All this makes Lanzarote an island not to be forgotten.
There are some things that surprised us all when we arrive on the island. Everyday things that gradually become curious:

1º: Coffee in Lanzarote. 

Coffee in Lanzarote seems comething simple to order: black coffee, milk, American, decaffeinated, long or short coffee. But no! In Lanzarote, there are endless options for enjoying a good coffee. Don’t be afraid, we are here to explain everything.

  • Cortado corto: it’s like a café au lait, with less milk and smaller.
  • Cortado largo: like the previous one, but bigger. Both look like coffee with milk but less big…
  • A leche y leche: a café au lait with a base of milk meringue
  • Cortado con leche líquida: a small café au lait with normal milk
  • Barraquito: dark coffee with evaporated milk, condensed milk, liquor 43, lemon zest, cinnamon powder and two coffee beans
  • Café con leche: the classic café au lait. Be careful to specify that you want a coffee with milk (café con leche) under penalty that one looks at you while saying to you: “So, you want a cortado largo, no…?”
  • Descafeinado: Café au lait without caffeine. Be careful to specify coffee descafeinado well, under penalty of misunderstandings.
  • Americano: or caffé americano is a coffee with espresso and hot water.
  • Cappuccino: Classic. one of the best I could taste

2º: The wind in Lanzarote. 

The wind in Lanzarote doesn’t bother at all, it does your hair (or messes up your hair). You should keep this in mind when packing your suitcase, as if you are thinking of bringing light clothes, you will spend some frights on this fantastic island. The wind lifts everything…!
In addition to carefully choosing your outfits to spend a few days on the island, I recommend adding a windproof jacket or jacket for cool evening ends. When you finish the day with a beer, a Lanzarote wine or a coffee on a terrace, you will thank my advice to take a jacket with you!
Important: do not be discouraged if you see that the day starts cloudy with a grey sky. In the middle of the morning Lorenzo becomes hitting harder and the clothes quickly become a burden. In Lanzarote, what is important is not how the day begins, but how it ends… 

3ª Curiosidad: El Gofio en Lanzarote. 

Lo escucharás cuando te ofrezcan los postres en un restaurante: mousse de gofio, tarta de gofio… Se trata de una harina no cernida típica canaria hecha a base de cereales tostados, normalmente trigo o maíz. De color oscuro, que varía de tonalidad según el grado de tueste de los cereales. Se utiliza en todo tipo de recetas isleñas, pero es en los postres donde más lo puedes encontrar. Les da un toque rico y suave, a la vez. Y la tonalidad hace distinguirlo al instante. ¡¡Y, además, es un indicativo de que el postre es casero!! Te propongan lo que te propongan, ¡pruébalo!.

Donde comer y beber en Lanzarote

4ª Curiosidad: Los volcanes de Lanzarote. 

La isla de los volcanes no deja indiferente a quien la visita. Su orografía está marcada por el color negro, piedras volcánicas, cuevas subterráneas y lo que en su momento fueron volcanes rugiendo lava los que te dan la bienvenida con los cráteres abiertos. Y es que la memoria conejera está marcada por erupciones volcánicas que comenzaron hace 11 millones de años y que han dejado un paisaje que semeja a otro planeta con zonas cubiertas por lava solidificada, cenizas, géiseres y una flora que brilla por su ausencia.

La Isla de Lanzarote tiene el honor de dar cobijo a 25 volcanes recogidos en El Parque Nacional de Timanfaya (1974). Pero de entre todos, son Montaña de FuegoMontaña Rajada y Caldera del Corazoncillo los más admirados. Para mantener su atractivo marciano intacto Lanzarote fue declarada Reserva de la Biosfera (1993).

5ª Curiosidad: Las playas de Lanzarote. 

En Lanzarote hay tantos tipos de playas como uno se pueda imaginar. Desde la más salvaje y remota como la Caleta de Famara, imprescindible para los amantes del windsurf y surf. Como la urbana y accesible para todos los públicos como la de El Reducto. Playas con arena blanca y fina, otras con arena gruesa y amarilla; con piedras volcánicas. También las podríamos dividir por playas nudistas, playas ideales para practicar deporte como surf, buceo, paddle board o las mejores para compartir en familia con niños. Muchas de ellas están equipadas con hamacas, sombrillas y servicio de socorrismo.

Pero son los atardeceres que en ellos se vive, lo que hace de las playas de Lanzarote un lugar especial donde despedir los días de una forma única e inolvidable.

Playas de Lanzarote

Curiosidades de la isla de los volcanes: Lanzarote.

Lanzarote es una isla que sorprende, enamora y engancha. Si decides vivir en ella, los que no la conocen te dirán que se te quedará pequeña, que echarás de menos tocar “tierra firme”; que te agobiará la insularidad. ¡¡Nada más lejos de la realidad!! Lanzarote tiene tanto por ver, tanta gastronomía por probar, tantas playas a las que ir, tanta cueva por descubrir, que te hará falta mucho tiempo para sentir que ya lo has visto todo. Y aún así, te quedarán rincones por guardar en la retina.

In love with Lanzarote

San Juan´s Night 2018 in Lanzarote, Canary Islands.

San Juan´s Night 2018 in Lanzarote.

The most magical night of the year approaches: San Juan´s Night 2018 in Lanzarote, Canary Islands.

The summer solstice celebration will be held on Saturday 23rd of June and will be celebrated in different parts of the island. If you are looking for something to do on San Juan’s Night 2018 in Lanzarote, here are some ideas for you to enjoy the bonfires:

San Juan´s Night tradition.

The celebration around San Juan´s Night (the night of June 23rd to 24th) is celebrated with bonfires all over the island. Festivity is full of mythology, magic, mystery and ancestral traditions, and is celebrated all over Europe.

On San Juan’s nigh, the summer solstice (June 21) is celebrated in the northern hemisphere. In the past, the solstice night was accompanied by a ritual: lighting fires and bonfires with the aim of “giving more strength to the sun”; because from this date, the days are waning until the arrival of the winter solstice (December 21).

San Juan’s night Programs 2018 in Lanzarote:

San Juan’s night 2019, bank holiday in Arrecife.

A fantastic news that accompanies the celebration of the bonfires of San Juan’s night 2018 in Lanzarote is that as this year San Ginés, August 25, will fall on a Sunday. The City Council of Arrecife has decided to recover the holiday and make San Juan 2019 a holiday in Arrecife (Lanzarote).

Map of Lanzarote.

Consult the map for the locations where the Saint John’s Eve 2018 is celebrated.

Tell us how you spent the magical night of San Juan’s night 2018 in Lanzarote on our Facebook and Instagram.

Happy evening!

Restaurant El Risco in Caleta de Famara, Teguise. Lanzarote.

Our experience at the Restaurant El Risco in Caleta de Famara, Teguise. Lanzarote.

The truth is that I do not know which dish to recommend to you if you were lucky enough to visit the Restaurant El Risco in Caleta de Famara (Teguise, Lanzarote). The menu is so innovative that it’s difficult to name to name them all. But for me, there are two dishes that have totally changed my palate: The fried moray (morena frita) and the grilled octopus (pulpo al grill)… What an experience! I am not a real fan of the moray, but hey, I tried it and it was de-li-cious! Now every time I go, I always order it.
Every time I visit El Risco in Famara, I am always amazed by the great variety of Lanzarote wines they have. They also have a wide range of sweet wines that you have to taste. But above all, let them advise you, they never fail… And enjoy the tasting!



If you decide to spend a relax afternoon or a luxury dining by night at the emblematic El Risco Restaurant, you will enjoy it completely. Pedro and Marco together with the great team of professionals they have at their disposal, will make you enjoy a day full of joy and warmth.

Personally, I like to spend Sundays afternoon there very much. The kitchen closes around 17:00pm and most customers leave around 16:00pm… That tranquility, with the best views of Caleta de Famara, La Graciosa Island, La Alegranza, the Chinijo Archipelago and the impressive Atlantic Ocean in all their splendor and the changes in light on the beach, guarantee a charge of battery for the rest of the week.


Recommendations to visit the Restaurant El Risco in Caleta de Famara.

Very important: it is best to go with a reservation, even during the week at noon they are usually full. But don’t worry, they have a bar with an exquisite selection of wines and beers to wait for your table calmly. And a wide variety of gins to enjoy the best of after-dinner meals.


Curiosities in the Restaurant El Risco in Caleta de Famara.

Did you know that the paint on one of the walls is an original of César Manrique? César grew up very close to El Risco Restaurant and when he returned from his art studies, he helped decorate it. It has recently been renewed with the great interior design artist: Pablo Ramos Baldi. Respecting the work of the Great Son of Lanzarote: César Manrique.

Address of the Restaurant El Risco in Caleta de Famara.

El Risco Restaurant is also the only restaurant on Lanzarote to be included in the Guide Michelin Spain & Portugal 2015. 
Not to spoil the surprise we will not be telling you here what you will see on your right hand side as you enter the restaurant…
I would encourage you to share your experience with us.

30th May: Canary Islands Day

30th May: Canary Islands Day. Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, El Hierro, La Palma and La Gomera.

The next May 30th, the great Day of the Canary Islands will be celebrated. Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, El Hierro, La Palma and La Gomera will dress up to celebrate this big day with events for all audiences.

The Canary Islands are the best destination to enjoy your holidays with your family, your partner or friends. Each of the islands that compose the Canary Islands archipelago has its own natural charms, corners to discover and much to live in.

Its paradisiacal beaches, where you will walk on white, dark sand, or authentic volcanic stones, will transport you to the calm. A nice way to relax…
Thanks to César Manrique, each island has its own unique culture and treasures. The artist achieves the perfect marriage between nature and what the man’s hand built in each of his works.

The gastronomy combines the famous wrinkled potatoes and the sauce called “mojo”, and will leave you the best memories on your tongue. Dishes such as Cherne or desserts made with gofio, will make sure you get a great souvenir of your stay in the Canary Islands.

Our island, Lanzarote, will surprise you with its natural charms, beaches, fishing villages, and above all, gastronomy. Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise, El Charco de San Ginés, Famara, Órzola, Jameos del Agua… An endless list of places that are waiting for you.

Enjoy the Day of the Canary Islands (Spain) and let’s discover the corners of Lanzarote, where you will take the best of memories.

¡Feliz Día, Canarias!

Webcam Airport Arrecife ACE

HD Webcam Airport Arrecife ACE Lanzarote

On this map from Flightradar24 you can see all planes taking off and landing on Lanzarote, including their flight number.

Also from Flightradar24 the current scheduled departure and landing times, respectively delays at the airport of Lanzarote / Arrecife