Timanfaya National Park

Timanfaya National Park – The Fire Mountains of Lanzarote

The Fire Mountains of Lanzarote clarify like no other place on the island as Lanzarote has emerged and how the flora and fauna has shaped of this Canary Island. The volcanic craters all over Lanzarote show the force that is hidden under the surface of the earth and that formed the island. The area of the Timanfaya National Park, which is also known as the Fire Mountains or Montañas del Fuego, is the most recent example of this powerful natural phenomenon. In the 1730s there were several volcanic eruptions in this area, which lasted for almost six years and were documented in detail by the pastor of Yaiza. These were not the last volcanic eruptions on Lanzarote, but the most devastating. Fertile soil, villages and farmyards were buried under the lava. Where formerly people lived, hundreds of new volcanoes arose after these heavy volcanic eruptions on Lanzarote. These got the Spanish name Montañas del Fuego – in English: Fire mountains. In 1974 the Timanfanya National Park was established and is still an attraction for travellers, holidaymakers and locals.

How enormous the heat below the surface of the Fire Mountains is still today will be shown to several times during a tour through the parc. Openings in the ground can be used by skilled employees of the Timanfaya National Park to light hay bales. Elsewhere, water is poured from a bucket into a hole in the earth and immediately boiling water rises in the air at an enormous rate. A big barbecue over a hole in the ground is also impressive, as it can be seen the national parc restaurant “El Diablo”. The ascending heat is able to fry a variety of meat in a very natural way. You can then enjoy the barbecue in the restaurant. “El Diablo” was designed by César Manrique and forms the center of the national park Timanfaya. A nice panoramic view is offered to over the Fire Mountains of Lanzarote. But you should miss to do a tour in one of the air-conditioned buses through the Fire Mountains of the National Park Timanfaya. During the tour through the hills, the history of this impressive landscape is brought to you in English, Spanish and German. Even if the consequences for the people of Lanzarote at the time of the eruptions are hardly imaginable. It is also difficult to understand that over 100 different plant species are found in this barren landscape.

Timanfaya National Park on Lanzarote is easily accessible by car. This can be parked in the center at the tourist information and the restaurant “El Diabolo”.

We recommend to sit on the right side during the bus tour because from this side you will a direct view to most of the picture spots of Timanfaya National Park.

El Diablo is a restaurant located in the Timanfaya National Park and built in 1970 by César Manrique. This circular building has been carefully fitted in the countryside and consists almost entirely of lava and glass. A great attraction is the “volcanic vent grill”; dishes are grilled here at about 400°C over a hole in the ground by natural geothermal. The great heat, which can also be found in the “Fire Mountains”, is demonstrated with other spectacular performances.

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