Jameos del Agua

Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote

In 1968, César Manrique designed his first object: “Jameos del Agua”.

The “cave-in areas” belong to the same system of lava tunnel as “Cueva de los Verdes“, which was created by the eruption of Montaña Corona. The tunnel was formed when top lava flows were already cooled down and bottom lava flows went further. At two points in the tunnel collapse Manrique staged this natural beauty skillfully with plants, light and music. When Manrique returned from America in the end of the 60s this area was very dirty.
If you climb in the Jameo “Chico”, you will get into a restaurant with natural light, from where you will have great view over the subterranean salt lake. The toilets are very worth seeing! Tiny blind albino crabs are living in this lake although they normally only live in the deep sea, where there is no light. It is believed that the crabs came up due to a seaquake. Back on the surface you can reach the „Jameo Grande “, a magnificent pool area designed by Manrique. At the end of this artificial lagoon it goes underground again: you will get into the “Auditorio de los Jameos”; which is an underground concert hall for 500 people, where regular performances are held.

Do not get into the water. It is absolutely not allowed!

SUN-FRI 10am-6:30pm

SAT 10am-10pm