Golf course Lanzarote Golf Resort, Puerto del Carmen. Lanzarote.

Golf course Lanzarote Golf Resort, Puerto del Carmen. Lanzarote.

Golf lovers should not miss a round of golf at the Lanzarote Golf Resort in Puerto del Carmen (Tías, Lanzarote). Its strategic location from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the coast and the Atlantic Ocean, the only green on the island and with volcanoes as the backdrop, all of this makes this a very special and unforgettable experience.

This golf course was designed by Ron Kirby, Projects Manager at Jack Nicklaus´s Design Services. The course has been designed to take the advantage of the natural shapes of the terrain and as a result the course is challenging but not unfair for the players.

Ever since the opening a decade ago the Lanzarote Golf Resort year after year the course has been adapting, expanding and modifying to suit the even most demanding players but also the ones new to the sport. Something that really makes it unique. No matter what level you are you can enjoy playing here as the course is ambitious and demanding but also fair.  And, also, the greens here are great if we were to compare them to other courses.

The views and features of the course help and invite you to have a relaxing game. Giving time to think and execute a clean and effective shot. The course does not suffer from being overcrowded and there is nothing around that would spoil the views, so when you step onto the course you will experience a sensation that will force you to take it easy …

The best months to visit the Lanzarote Golf Resort are from June to August because there are fewer people and you can enjoy a more relaxed game. The months of September and October are when the players, usually older, meet at the Golf Course in Puerto del Carmen for a spot of golf, chat and to share their experiences either in the shop or the restaurant both located on site.

But if there is something that the organisers and managers have dedicated time, love and care, it is in the very environment of Lanzarote Golf Resort. They have done so by maintaining a century-old walls that give the final touch to the perfectionist design of the course. Demonstrating a high commitment to the environment taking care of all the details so that the fauna and flora that is there always feels at home.

Location Lanzarote Golf Resort, Puerto del Carmen

On the website you will find an extensive and detailed guide of all the flora that you can find as you making your way around the course and the birds that will fly overhead. Some of them are native and others that are just making a stopover while on route to other places. In fact they have specific areas for bird watching in order to enjoy their passage without hindering it.

There is also a practice area with twenty shooting ranges on synthetic mats, a putting green and an approach green. If needed you can also rent all the golf equipment. So there really is no excuse not to start or at least try it. Without a doubt, visiting Lanzarote Golf Resort will satisfy you in many ways.

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