El Chupadero

Restaurant El Chupadero in the Vineyard La Geria on Lanzarote

This is for me an absolute must go when passing through the winegrowing area La Geria. El Chupadero has been here for many years and celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2016. It has seen the good and the not so good times in these magical surroundings. Having yet not being connected to the electricity network by the electricity supplier, the landlady, Barbara Hendriks, has created a very special ambience. The Full Moon Parties which used to take place here have achieved legendary status. Creative events like concerts with unusal musicians, dinners with classical music and cool DJ House Party have now been added to the program. But you shouldn’t miss a daytime visit either. The view from the terrace across the volcanic mountains as far as Timanfaya National Parc is amazing and should not be missed. Typical tapas are prepared fresh everyday and are served beautifully.

You can try a great range of the wines of the region. If you are looking for a pristine place on this island, then the El Chupadero is surely an enriching experience. This is a place of calm and serenity, away from the million investments of the neighbouring Stratus and Rubicón bodegas. If you want to make sure that a coach full of tourists does not cross your path, then this is the right place as tour groups are not accepted here. You might find that other bodegas along the wine road between Uga and San Bartolomé suddenly get very noisy and overcrowded by a group of tourists. This will not happen here.

Important to reserve a table on days of event.

Look out for extra events. Very good live music events, usually once a week. Also very famous for legendary Full-Moon-Parties.

If you like the ambiance of the spot, you can ask Barbara the owner also for private arrangements as weddings and birthdays.

Monday: closed
TUE-SUN: 12:00 h – 23:00 h

(if there is a party going then the bodega closes when the party is over)

 La Geria 3, 35570 Yaiza, Lanzarote

 +34 928 17 31 15



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Bodega Rubicón in La Geria

Bodegas Rubicón on Lanzarote in the Vineyard La Geria

Bodegas Rubicón has a long-standing tradtion of wine making on Lanzarote that is visible when you walk around its winery in La Geria and see the historical building and the old trees…

At Bodegas Rubicón you can walk around the vineyard and the winery. You can get very close to the famous Malvasia grapes from Lanzarote, which are only grown on this Canary Island. If you prefer you may also join a guided tour to explore the Bodegas Rubicón and its history. But please note that a reservation is required for that guided wine tour and that it includes two wine-tastings.

You should not miss the popular and authentic concerts at Bodegas Rubicón as far as they take place during your holidays on Lanzarote.

MON-SUN 10am-10pm

 Crta. Teguise-Yaiza, 2. La Geria, 35570 Yaiza. Lanzarote. Canary Islands. Spain

 +34 928 17 37 08



Bodega La Geria

Bodega La Geria on Lanzarote in the Vineyard La Geria

The wine cellar of the Bodega La Geria exists since the end of the 19th century. Around 300.000 bottles of wine are produced here every year. La Geria cooperates with around 160 winegrowers across the island who supply around 400 t of grapes every year. The new Manto white wine has become a real highlight and shows that the traditional Bodega La Geria has acknowledged the new wines from the Bodega Stratvs and Bodega Bermejo.

Visiting Bodega La Geria in the Vineyard La Geria is one of the things you have to do while you have holidays on Lanzarote. This Bodega is one of the mostly visited winerys all over the Canary Islands and Spain. Tasting delicious white wine of malvasía volcánica graps and amazings red wines from Bodega La Geria will reveal you which influence the sun, the wind, the volcanic soil and the atmosphere of the atlantic ocean have when finest wines are being produced on Lanzarote.

A good way to taste the wines from La Geria is to have a rest at the restaurant, which belongs to the building of the Bodega La Geria. They offer you tapas and different kinds of meals and snacks. You can sit inside or outside tasting dry white wines of what ever you prefer. Meanwhile, you enjoy the beautiful view over the vineyard unitl the timanfaya national parc.

You can also walk around and have a look into the Bodega or you can consider the art of winegrowing within the volcanic ash in the middle of silent landscape. Moreover, you can book a guided tour through the bodega, the vineyard and the graps of La Geria.

MON-SAT 9:30am-7:30pm
SUN 10am-6:30pm

 Bodega La Geria, Ctra. La Geria, Km 19 Yaiza – Lanzarote (Las Palmas)

 +34 928 17 31 78