Bodega La Geria

Bodega La Geria on Lanzarote in the Vineyard La Geria

The wine cellar of the Bodega La Geria exists since the end of the 19th century. Around 300.000 bottles of wine are produced here every year. La Geria cooperates with around 160 winegrowers across the island who supply around 400 t of grapes every year. The new Manto white wine has become a real highlight and shows that the traditional Bodega La Geria has acknowledged the new wines from the Bodega Stratvs and Bodega Bermejo.

Visiting Bodega La Geria in the Vineyard La Geria is one of the things you have to do while you have holidays on Lanzarote. This Bodega is one of the mostly visited winerys all over the Canary Islands and Spain. Tasting delicious white wine of malvasía volcánica graps and amazings red wines from Bodega La Geria will reveal you which influence the sun, the wind, the volcanic soil and the atmosphere of the atlantic ocean have when finest wines are being produced on Lanzarote.

A good way to taste the wines from La Geria is to have a rest at the restaurant, which belongs to the building of the Bodega La Geria. They offer you tapas and different kinds of meals and snacks. You can sit inside or outside tasting dry white wines of what ever you prefer. Meanwhile, you enjoy the beautiful view over the vineyard unitl the timanfaya national parc.

You can also walk around and have a look into the Bodega or you can consider the art of winegrowing within the volcanic ash in the middle of silent landscape. Moreover, you can book a guided tour through the bodega, the vineyard and the graps of La Geria.

MON-SAT 9:30am-7:30pm
SUN 10am-6:30pm

 Bodega La Geria, Ctra. La Geria, Km 19 Yaiza – Lanzarote (Las Palmas)

 +34 928 17 31 78