At the end of your meal: Barraquito

At the end of your meal: Barraquito

A “Barraquito” is an espresso with warm, frothy milk, sweet condensed milk, liqueur 43, lime tray, cinnamon powder and, when it is served to 100% authentically, with 2 coffee beans. You just have to try it!

The “Barraquito” is very popular in the Canary Islands. This coffee drink comes originally from Tenerife and many people say that you can get a barraquito only on the Canary Islands. So it makes no sense to ask at Starbucks and Co. for a Barraquito. You have to come to Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Palma or Lanzarote. The people her mostly drink a “Barraquito” after their meal as a mix of dessert and coffee. But obviously, you can also enjoy a “Barraquito” at any time of the day.

Important note: the beautiful sight of the layered ​​ingredients is only for the eye… Before you drink your “Barraquito” take a teaspoon, stir it well and: enjoy it!


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