Máximo Músculo

Máximo Músculo en Arrecife

Máximo Músculo is a store of sports nutrition products and food supplements located in Arrecife, Lanzarote.

Alex, founder and owner, opened the doors of Máximo Músculo in 2014 with the aim of assisting and advising friends and athletes on their diet, nutrition, food and sports training. Their products are oriented to cover the nutritional needs of high level sportsmen and women, as well as novice sportsmen and women or people who have been recommended to visit their shop by nutritionists and dietitians.

Among the products for sports nutrition and food supplements, you can find: Vitamins, Minerals and Protectors. These include Training Whey (Iron Supplements, Spanish brand) as one of the star products with the best quality-price and PS Whey (ProSupps, American brand) as one of the references worldwide. And Bpi, Dymatize, Mutant, BIG, 3XL, BSN, Amix, StartPro, BiotechUSA, Max Protein, Xtrem Gold Series (Nutrytec), Optimum Nutrition, Muscletec, Scitec Nutrition, among others. Sports nutrition products for high-performance and endurance athletes.

They also have products aimed at high-performance and amateur athletes to practice muscle and strength exercises such as proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids. Products specially designed for women as dietary supplements, multivitamin complexes, reducing gels. You can also find a selection of clothes for the gym and accessories such as tights, t-shirts, gloves.

They are also distributors of sports supplements, complements, accessories, so they have special prices for gyms, herbalists, sports centres or specialised shops.

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