Ganjarote in Playa honda

Ganjarote is the first head shop with all about hemp and cannabis culture in Lanzarote. Its location is ideal, within reach of all the public; it is in Calle Pleamar nº 62 (local 2), in Playa honda.

Headed, founded and managed by a woman, its aim is to bring closer and, at the same time, demystify everything that surrounds the world cannabico. In her shop she offers advice and information about the products, their use, origin, composition and properties based on her knowledge and experience with cannabis. And, most importantly, advice on legislation, consumption, leisure and therapeutic in Spain.

Within its walls you will find all kinds of food products, beverages and cosmetics derived from hemp: wine, beer, energy drinks, cookies, facial cosmetics, body and specially designed for baby and all kinds of accessories for smokers.

In addition, Ganjarote will have an area especially dedicated to clothing and accessories cannabica culture where you can find pieces made with hemp with national and international brands.

The products that they work with are of high quality and natural origin. The main reason for consuming them is that they are economic, cheaper to produce, ecological and with curative properties such as CBD and CBDA oils. These oils are obtained from the hemp, they are not psychoactive and they are assigned numerous therapeutic and preventive benefits.

Without a doubt, Ganjarote is a place that we encourage you to visit to discover what really means the culture cannabica and everything that the products of hemp can do for you.

1º store about hemp and cannabis culture in Lanzarote

Monday to Saturday:

10:00 – 22:00


17:00 – 22:00

 Calle Pleamar 62, Local 2. CP: 35509. Playa honda

 +34 000000000