El Enyesque – Tapas Route in Teguise

From the 17th till the 23rd of December you can visit many different Restaurants and Bars in the Villa de Teguise. They provide a little booklet where you can find out about all the tapas of the participating places. Each Tapa with a drink for 3 €. Go and visit Teguise to enjoy an incredible possibility for tasting and getting to know many places.
Participating: Acatife, El Chiringuito, La Taza de Café, Taberna Barbazul, Loris, Queso Project, El Recoveco, El Zaguán, La Palmerita, La Tahona, La Crepería

Market in Teguise

Market in Teguise

Distributed over streets, squares, shops and restaurants, the the largest and most famous market of Lanzarote, the Market in Teguise, takes place every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm in the former island capital in La Villa de Teguise.

On the stands with a total sales area of ​​more than 4,000 square meters you will find everything from fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, flowers, traditional crafts and art, jewelery, clothing, shoes, as well as cheese, wine and bakery specialties.

For children there is a children’s playground, for emergencies there are pharmacy, health center and ambulance. The whole market area is also easy accessible to people with disabilities. If you need cash, also a cash machine not far.


The market of Teguise can be easily reached by bus lines 1, 11, 12, 13, 25 or by one of the numerous special buses from the tourist centers.
For visitors arriving by car, there are about 3000 parking spaces available around the towns marketplaces.




COLECCIÓN Petra Lanzarote

COLECCIÓN Petra Lanzarote in Playa Blanca und Teguise

At COLECCIÓN Petra Lanzarote you will find hand made jewellery with real lava stones, precious stones, pearls and also silver jewellery, which are moulder, noble and imaginative processed. Get an impression of the charisma and attraction of the gemstones. As a gift or souvenir, Lanzarote jewellery is always a source of great pleasure and brings back memories even years later. The jewellery is lovingly crafted by hand in our own workshop in Teguise. All jewellery is naturally, nickel-free and well tolerated by allergy sufferers.

Petra moved from Germany to Lanzarote in 2004 and quickly discovered her fascination for the lava and semi-precious stone “Olivin/Peridot” on this Canary Island. Following her passion she began to design, manufacture and sell jewellry from these materials over the years. She now has several employees to help her.

In 2010, she opened a shop in Teguise, the old capital of Lanzarote, which also has a small workshop where customers’ wishes can be met. The shop is called “La Isla del Tesoro”. Since 2013, the team of COLECCIÓN Petra Lanzarote has also run a shop in Playa Blanca. You can also find Petra’s handmade jewellery at the market in the marina “Marina Rubicon” in Playa Blanca.

Another business of Petra is to rent out the peaceful, spacious holiday home Casa Harmonia in Teguise.

La Isla del Tesoro

MON-SAT 11am-4pm
SUN 9am-2pm

Playa Blanca
MON-SAT 10am-9pm
SUN 10am-3pm

Market at Marina Rubicon, Playa Blanca
WED, SAT 9am-2pm

La Isla del Tesoro Teguise, Calle El Rayo 4, E- 35530 Teguise / Lanzarote

 +34 646 508 607




La Graciosa

La Graciosa – The Graceful, Lanzarote

Caleta del Sebo La GraciosaLa Graciosa is usually only viewed from Mirador del Rio and not planned as an excursion. However if you’re planning a longer stay on Lanzarote, you should visit the “little sister”.

From the small fishing village of Órzola, two companies – Lineas Romero and Biosfera Express, travel daily to La Graciosa, a 30 minute journey. Make yourself comfortable on the 2 decks. Crossings may be a little rough depending on the weather. Below deck is especially interesting for children. Though the glass bottom of the ship one can observe the sea life.

The ferry births at the port of Caleta del Sebo, one of two inhabited villages on La Graciosa. Tourism is still in its infancy, however Caleta del Sebo has restaurants, a bakery, a guest house and even a small nightclub. The locals sunbathe in the beautiful sandy cove of Caleta de Arriba not far from the pier. Awaiting the arrival of ferries are locals with Jeeps. This a good way to travel and also to find out firsthand about life on the island. A one way trip to the beach – Playa de las Conchas costs € 10 or a little bit less. The beach is also accessible on foot, but on hot days, one should consider whether to walk both ways or take a Jeep.

Playa de las Conchas – the beach of shells has a Caribbean feel – white, warm sand and turquoise clear blue water. Spread your towel, make yourself comfortable and enjoy your picnic. Souvenirs of this heavenly place are easy to come by. Take a walk and you’ll find plenty of interesting shells. Long-distance swimming is not recommended at Playa de las Conchas, due to the strong currents. However there’s no problem with surfing with the huge waves.

The walk back to Caleta de Sebo takes about one and a half hours and passing jeeps tend to swirl the sand on the road, so you’re likely to return a little dusty.

Recommend is the last ferry at 6pm during the summer months. When the last tourists leave the island, the hustle and bustle goes with them. The ferry journey back to Órzola is something to sit back and enjoy, as the sun goes down and you gaze at the changing colours on the horizon. For those who decide to stay over night on La Graciosa, a dream experiences awaits – utter peace and tranquility, evening walks along the beach in the setting light of the orangy sun.

Back in the port of Órzola as you disembark and make you’re back to civilisation, provision for the 700 inhabitants of La Graciosa are loaded, giving a feeling that they live a world far apart from hectic western society.


Don’t forget your swimsuit, comfortable shoes, a towel and sun protection. It can be very sunny and hot on La Graciosa.

Orzola → La Graciosa
MON-SUN: 08.30 h, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.30, 16.00, 17.00, 18.00
La Graciosa → Orzola
MON-SUN: 08.00 h, 08.40, 10.00, 11.00, 12.30, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00
Orzola → La Graciosa
MON-SUN: 08.00 h, 09.00, 10.30, 11.30, 13.00, 16.30, 17.30, 18.30
La Graciosa → Orzola
MON-SUN: 07.00 h, 08.10, 09.30, 10.30, 11.30, 15.30, 16.30, 17.30
Elijah Blue Hairdressing

Elijah Blue Hairdressing in Teguise, Lanzarote

Jim Stango – Hairdresser in Teguise – is my personal favorite even if you don’t live in Teguise during your holiday on Lanzarote. Entrance from the courtyard to Elijah Blue in the Galeria La Villa in Teguise. A Haircut at Elija Blue is not cheap but it’s worth it. Jim speaks english and a little bit of spanish. Although he does not speak german, even german clients can trust the owner of this barber shop on Lanzarote.

By appointment only

WED-FRI 10am-5pm

SAT 10am-2pm

SUN-TUE closed

 Galeria la Villa, Plaza Clavijo y Fajardo 4, 35509 Teguise, Las Palmas

 +34 646 15 70 21