Castillo “San José”

Castillo „San José“, Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo in Arrecife, Lanzarote

This small picturesque castle is situated above the port of Puerto de los Mármoles in Arrecife. Prompted by the Spanish King Carlos III, it was built between 1776 and 1779 and only served to provide work to the local builders – not for the purpose of defence. Therefore, it obtained the name Fortaleza del Hambre (Hunger Fort). In the beginning of the 70s, the restoration of the castle was induced by César Manrique and a museum was rebuild. He also built a classy restaurant in the castle with a great view over the harbor and the sea. In the Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo many Spanish works of modern art can be found – some of Manrique.

Photos inside the museum are allowed but just without flash to avoid damages at the art works.

MON-SUN 10am-8pm

Calle Nte., 51, 35500 Arrecife, Las Palmas

 +34 928 81 23 21