Playa de las Conchas Beach

Playa de las Conchas on La Graciosa, Lanzarote

Some people say the beach “Playa de las Conchas” on the small Island La Graciosa, which belongs to the Municipio of Teguise of Lanzarote, is the most beautiful beach in Europe over all. That might be true but, obviously, there are many beautiful beaches in Europe and on the Canary Islands. Thus, just in a subjective opinion you can say that Playa de las Conchas is the most beautiful beach. However, it definitively belongs to the top beaches in Europe and you should convince yourself. At least if you are on the island La Graciosa.

The reasons for this judgement are numerous. Playa de las Conchas is a 100% natural beach and is located in the natural reserve “Parque Natural Archipiélago Chinijo”. The yellow sand is smooth and bright. It fits perfectly with the cyan colour of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is moreover wide and not heavily frequented due to its location. But you should also note that the surge is strong with big and strong waves. And the drift of the ocean is strong as well. Look out when you go into the water. It is not a place for relaxed swimming. On the other hand you can have much fun in the waves. Furthermore it is important to know that there is no Lifeguard at the lonely beach Playa de las Conchas and you will need much sun protection. Usually it is very sunny. But not too hot due to slight breezes.

When you took the ferry from Órzola to La Graciosa you have three possibilities to reach the Beach. You can walk. It takes around 1 ½ hours. You can rent a bike and you will need at max 30 minutes. Or you take one of the Jeeps that are waiting close the ferries at the harbour of La Graciosa and give you a lift for a specific amount of money.

Be careful when you go into the water. The waves are big and strong. Usually, five small breaks are followed by two big waves.

Take more than enough sun protection with you.

When you go by bike to Playa de las Conchas. Note that it can be hard to concentrate on the gravel path and the wind after a sunny day. One bike crash a day is unfortunately usual on La Graciosa.

Emergency call is 112.