Caleton Blanco Beach

Caleton Blanco and Caleta del Mojón Blanco Beach near Orzola, Lanzarote

The approximately 250 meter long, white, sandy, usually somewhat windier, rugged Caleton Blanco beach is located in the Haría region in the north of Lanzarotes, about 3 km south of Órzola.

The Caleta del Mojón Blanco beach, about 1KM south towards Arrieta, with the same type of white sand, offers similar conditions. Bus line 9 also stops at this beach. (Bus time table here) 

During the week it is usually quiet here, but especially on the weekends these beaches are often visited by many local people, too. The available parking spaces then can sometimes be scarce.

This beaches are in natural condition and apart from regularly emptied waste bins, there is no other infrastructure.

If you visit this beaches with well packed picnic basket and plenty of drinks, you can spend a wonderful, relaxing beach day with your family in beautiful nature. Due to rocks in the water we recommend you to visit this beach with beach shoes.

On windy days, small castles of lava stones provide perfect protection from sand.

Very beautiful, spectacular scenery,  perfect for families which like spending a relaxing time in a special, natural surrounding.